Saturday June 25, 2016

Roadside Park Concert 12PM

(860 North Coast Hwy 101 Encinitas)

12-8 pm

12:00 pm- Tropical Breeze

12:45 pm- Rubenstein Drive-By(Judges’ Choice Battle of the Bands Winners)

1:30 pm- Mango Melody

2:15 pm-Second Cousins

3:00 pm- David J

4:00 pm- Birdy Bardot

5:00 pm- Ocelot

6:00 pm- Montalban Quintet

6:45 pm-Casey Hensley Band

7:30 pm Sacri Monti

DJ Mancat between bands

Sunday June 26, 2015

Support Local Business Music Walk and Record Swap

 11-6 pm

Swell Property Craft Beer Garden at Priority Public House (576 N. Coast Hwy 101)

1:00 pm- Heather Nation

2:00 pm- Inspired and the Sleep

3:00 pm- Mattson 2

4:00 pm- The Gloomies

5:00PM – Monarch

Vivic between bands

& various locations on N. Coast Hwy 101

At 454 Tattoo & Body Piercing (454 N. Coast Hwy 101)

11:30 am- Gemini Junction

12:30pm- Kiki Halliday

1:30-2PM – Boaz Roberts

At Ducky Waddles (414 N. Coast Hwy 101)

11:30 am- The Velvet Flower

12:30 pm- Amerikan Bear (Acoustic)

1:30-2PM – PadreWisdom and Friends

At Gold Coast Plaza (466 N. Coast Hwy 101) 

11:00 am- Jay Cain

12:00 pm- The Friends

1:00 pm- The Sham Saints

At Lou’s Records (434 N. Coast Hwy 101) Record Swap 11AM-2PM

11:00 am- Yael and Vlady

12:00 pm- North County Lumber Truck

1:00 pm- Wish and the Well

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