June 22nd at Roadside Park from 12PM-7:40PM

We at Ruthless Hippies have hand selected these ten local bands for their highly relevant rock prowess and live performance acumen. We hope that you enjoy their sets and buy their music and/or T-shirts. Here are some nominally accurate adjectives to describe each band’s sub-genre with links to their web presences:


Our line-up this year includes:

Peter Sprague Group – garden of soulful jazz delights

Casey Hensley – raw n dirty down n out blues ambassadors

New Leaf – one drop righteous rocking reggae

Sarah Rogo – blues and folk reso-phonic realness

Austin Burns & Dillon Casey (of Second Cousins) – Nashville style song slinging

The Anodynes – psychedelic blues and soul stormers

The Elements‍ – ruthless rock power trio

& Special Guests (really really special…you won’t want to miss it!)

One response to “Artists

  1. I personally like to thank everyone that made it down to the Summer Fun on the 101. I like to thank Mike for such a cool event, the 101 Mainstreet association, Firestone Brewery,all the great people that was there. The bands that rocked it all day, and of course all the families that came from Paul Ecke Central School. Since the fall our program has continued to soar and it is due to all the people and there support in this community. THANK YOU TO YOU ALL!!!!! Mr. Hank

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