Evidence of Fun

Noody does home movies like Danny Salzhandler of the Artist Colony / Full Moon Poets / Cardiff 101 / Outer Space.

These shots are from the Donkeys set, captured by Ian Tordella who performed later with Mattson 2. I think the Donkey may have had the most fun of anybody. Their set ended in an all out beach ball war between themselves and the groms up front.

If you have more summer fun footage please send it to: ruthlesshippies@gmail.com


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2 responses to “Evidence of Fun

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  2. I personally like to thank everyone that made it down to the Summer Fun on the 101. I like to thank Mike for such a cool event, the 101 Mainstreet association, Firestone Brewery,all the great people that was there. The bands that rocked it all day, and of course all the families that came from Paul Ecke Central School. Since the fall our program has continued to soar and it is due to all the people and there support in this community. THANK YOU TO YOU ALL!!!!! Mr. Hank

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