Big Party Weekend in Leucadia

Two of our most generous sponsors this year, Surfy Surfy and O’Hurley’s Beach Bar/the Leucadian are both having big ragers tonight.

surfy party

Surfy surfy, party party, yeaaaaah bay bay!!! And it’s for a good cause too.

This year at Summer Fun, look out for some awesome raffle prizes (like hand shaped surfboards!) and some bitchin” new t-shirts from our longtime supporters at Surfy Surfy Surfshop.


They are also having a Billabong sample sale out in front of the Sample Sale Madonna right at this very moment.


Now in case you didn’t know, the two bars in Leucadia (O’Hurley’s and Bar Leucadian) have come under new ownership recently. They’ve been a big help with Summer Fun on the 101, and tonight is the grand re-opening of Bar Leucadian–now returning to it’s old name: The Leucadian. If you’ve not been to either bar in while, head over to check out the new improved ambiance, additional craft beer taps and overall friendlier atmosphere.

photo(9)bar leu


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