Mrs. Magician + Summer Fun = Good Vibrations


Mrs. Magician is Jacob Turnbloom, Tommy Garcia and Cory Stier. They are three nice young gentlemen from San Diego who make epic fuzzy pop songs. These tunes will burrow in your brain with their surfy hooks until you’re singing their sinister choruses in your sleep. Embrace it…

Their debut album ‘Strange Heaven’ was produced by San Diego rock legend, Jon ‘Swami’ Reis (Rocket From the Crypt, Hot Snakes, Drive like Jehu, The Night Marchers) and it spins around on top of our record player for weeks at a time.

We are so unbelievably stoked to have these guys playing one of their only two San Diego shows this summer in Leucadia at Summer Fun on the 101: Saturday 6/29 at 6 PM  (catch them also @ Soda Bar July 30th). They are loud, tight and full of energy on stage.

Mrs. Magician had a new song debut recently on (click for FREE Mp3) and they will be recording a new album this fall.  These guys are blowin’ up. Believe us, you will be summer bummed if you miss Mrs. Magician playing at Roadside Park.

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