Summer Fun ’14 Line Up Scavenger Hunt…

Vibe out to this mix by Ruthless Hippies containing songs by some of this year’s headliners and lots of other chill summer tunes…

Fill in as many blanks as you can (by replying here or on our facebook page). The most correct answers WINS a FREE Summer Fun T-shirt…

(1) The _____ _____ ‘Stoked’
(2) M. Schmitt ‘_____ _____ Theme’ [played live on uke]
(3) The _______ ‘Endless Summer Theme’ [45 slowed to 33rpms]
(4)______ __ ‘Endless Summer Theme’ [live at Encinitas City Hall]
(5) The _______ ‘Endless Summer Theme’
(6) _____ _______ ‘Time Capsule’ [live at Ducky Waddle’s]
(7) ____ _____ ____ ‘Little Black Submarines [live at Battle of the Bands]
(8) _____ _______ ‘One More’
(9)Eagles ‘______ _____ _______’ [written by ____ _______]
(10)_____ ______ ‘_____ Sorta’
(11) M Schmitt ‘______ ____ Theme’


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