Mr. Peaceful Easy Feelin’ to play Summer Fun!

If you don’t know who Jack Tempchin is, there’s still a good chance you’ve heard his music before. This citizen of Encinitas has penned about a half dozen well known hits that have charted internationally in his long career as a singer/songwriter.


Perhaps Jack’s most famous and beloved tune is ‘Peaceful Easy Feeling’. It was performed by Eagles and released as a single off their eponymous debut album which reached #22 on the US Billboard charts and went platinum. You’ve probably heard it plenty of times no matter when you were born…

South Coast Winery in Temecula even has a wine in honor of Jack’s gorgeous song.

Peaceful wine

Other great songs Jack wrote for Eagles include “Already Gone”, “The Girl From Yesterday,” “Somebody,” and “It’s Your World Now.” As with most great rock bands, the Eagles eventually split up and went on to solo careers. Jack went on to co-write  “You Belong to the City”, “Smuggler’s Blues”, “The One You Love”, “I Found Somebody” and “True Love” with Glenn Frey.


‘You Belong to the City’ reached #2 on the US Billboard Charts, but its appearance on the Miami Vice soundtrack helped make that album #1 for 11 weeks and the best selling LP of 1985.

I’m sure plenty of you remember Miami Vice

And certainly some of you know the tune from when Jay Z sampled it…

But I will always remember ‘You Belong to the City’ from hundreds of repeated viewings of 1986 Mets: A Year to Remember


“Slow Dancin” is another great Jack Tempchin tune which reached the top ten for Johnny Rivers…

But we love Jack’s version with the Funky Kings best…

Jack has written songs for and with scores of other artists including Emmylou Harris, George Jones, Glen Campbell, the Paladins and Candy Kayne.

While Jack is most famous for his midas touch in songwriting, he’s also a top shelf performer who still knows how to rock.

We are honored to have Jack Tempchin with his band Rocket Science at Summer Fun on the 101 this year. Don’t miss them this Saturday 5 PM at Roadside Park!!! He just gives us a peaceful easy feeling about this weekend…



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  1. Sylvia Loscalzo

    Wish I could be there. Love the music.

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