Let the Fun BEGIN! Music 4 PM at Lou’s TODAY


Lou’s is all ready for the fun. We added ridiculous descriptions of each band playing to our Schedule Tab.  This should give you a better idea of all the diverse musical entertainment we’ve got in store for you on this fine Leucadia evening…enjoy… 🙂


Friday June 27, 2014

Ducky Waddle’s Emporium (414 N Coast Hwy 101)

4-10 pm Art by Summer Fun Poster Artist Harry Holiday
8-8:30 pm Friend of a Friend [phoenix goes grunge in the emo era]
8:45-9:30 pm Glen and the Boys [live-electro-synth-rippin sound system of NY ]
9:45-10:15 pm Eyelid Kid [psycho fun post afro haole pop]
10:30-11 pm Amerikan Bear [garage sans garage band]

Lou’s Records/Coastal Animal Hospital (434 N Coast Hwy 101)

4-4:30 pm Soul Juice [mental starburst gummi burst flava]
5-5:30 pm Triceratropical [people’s choice playas]
6-6:45 pm The Village Squares [cali-funk-a-delicious ]
7:15-8 pm Darius Degher [hitch hikin’ bard of the highway 101]

454 Tattoo (454 N Coast Hwy 101)
5:30-6 pm North County Lumber Truck [git yer ya ya’s driving local boy blues]
6:45-715 pm Cleopatra Degher [guitar strumming beauty like joni/baez]

Fully Loaded Micro Juicery (466 N Coast Hwy 101)

5-5:30 pm Jay Cain [open mic metal mayhem meets beatles]
6-6:45 pm Kaz Murphy [bastard son of johnny ginger beet juice]
7:15-8 pm The Daffodil Show [java bean family atonal folk jazz gypsy band]

Don’t miss the Village Squares!

Music starts at 4 PM see you there!!!

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