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Inspired & the Sleep: Garage 2 Glory

Hey Summer Fun fans! Today we would like to introduce you to a band called Inspired and the Sleep that will be playing at Ducky Waddle’s June 28th at  8:15 PM.

Max and Bryce are two young ocean lifeguards who love to make sweet psychedelic music.

max and bryce

They like to loop flutes and strange percussive noises to build epic grooves. Here’s a jam of theirs we never get tired of hearing. The video is also pretty sweet. Those of you who went to high school in the 90’s should definitely enjoy…

Inspired and the Sleep is competing in a web based voting contest right now called Garage 2 Glory. Click that link and go vote for Inspired and the Sleep to win a big gig opening for White Arrows and Heavy Hawaii.

We’ll be doing more posts about all of the artists involved in Summer Fun on the 101 in the coming days so stay tuned to summerfunonthe101.com

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